Friday, December 9, 2011

Out of Xmas Decorations?

Christmas ornaments are an expensive investment. Unless you have been gifted a number of bulbs, lights, or have been given Hallmark gift cards over the years, chances are you don't have too many items to trim your holiday tree. Who wants to go out and purchase all of those items this season when they will stay up for a few weeks and then get stuffed into a closet or attic for the next eleven months only to collect dust, get broken, and eventually need to get replaced?

Well, here is a new and natural alternative for decorating your Christmas tree that can be done with found environmentally safe objects mostly available around your local community.  I guarantee that it will that your tree will be one of a kind if you use this motif.

Nothing says, "Happy Holidays," like bleached skulls. Deer, cattle, elk, bison, it doesn't really matter what type of skull you find, just let it bleach in the sun for a while and then when it is winter time and you are ready for Santa to come, he will be created with a truly unique display. 

There are many benefits of a skull trimmed Christmas tree. You can avoid masses of holiday visitors who linger to long. One look at your decorations and they will more than likely be unnerved and will pass up any offer for egg nog. Children won't try to shake their wrapped presents placed under the watchful hollow eyes of a cattle skull. Or well, any skull. 

And Martha Stewart will never do anything like this.
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