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Blackest Night Rainbow Coalition Profiles: Star Sapphire

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While Geoff Johns might be calling the ring bearers the "New Guardians" I really do think The Rainbow Coalition is a much better name for this colorful (ahem) ensemble of villains and heroes gathered together to fight the forces of the undead.

So that brings me to today's featured character, Star Sapphire. Tragic, tragic Star Sapphire. The one of the few villains to put dependence into Co-Dependence on a regular basis. Why? Because everything the Violet Light does is done for love...kind of like a Richard Marx song. Makes you want to puke or kill yourself with a strong overdose of narcotics, right?

Of course, Ms. Carol Feris, wasn't nearly Mature in her early incarnations as you can clearly see. The nineties were quite unkind to this lover of Hal Jordan.  And since Hal Jordan is the ultimate d-bag when it comes to women, she kind of got the shaft. Over and over and over and over ad infinitum. She even killed the wife of the Green Lantern John Stewart. No Good. She even kind of ruined her business and left her fiance to be with  a guy who came back from the dead who kind of blew her off (Hal).  So what's love got to do with it? What's love but a second hand emotion? Well, apparently it can make constructs that will kick your ass and turn your fear into fuzzy feelings after you've been entombed in crystal for a month or so. 

But now...With Boobs and without a silly hat, she is out to save the universe. The other members of the Rainbow Coalition are pretty new. Indigo Same with Larfleeze, Saint Walker (which would have better been served with Walker Texas Ranger...but oh well), and Atrocitus. Hal and Sinestro round out the pack of Crayola Crusaders off to fight with the might of colored light and hopefully make our futures bright. 

Okay I will stop.


Take away lesson from all of this. Don't trust women in silly hats fixated on past lovers, who put on lycra costumes and say they are going to save the universe for love. You'll be in for a world of hurt in you get mixed up in the that bad juju.

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