Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dan and Louis Oyster Bar

Dan and Louis' Oyster Bar is the  one of Portland's overlooked treasures. It's the oldest family owned restaurant in the city with five generations of the same family running this establishment.

Inside the restaurant is fascinating; it looks like the inside of a wooden ocean liner. Back-lit, painted-glass photographs of old Portland scenes dot nautical portals on the wall. And ornamental plates hang on every surface.

In any newer establishment, the decor would be kitsch. But this place has a well deserved historic feel. Over a hundred years of history dot the walls. 

Some relics make sense and add context to missing pieces of Portland history. Other's well are the pieces of ephemera that make up collections of yore.

And they have oysters. The old menu, which was in use for decades, but alas no longer, was a even a die-cut oyster shape. "Eat 'em Alive," was a their logo for years given that these gems of the ocean were shucked and  immediately served on the half-shell. Theoretically the oyster was still alive at this point. And vegans and animal rights activists can protest all they want about it, but damned are these mollusks tasty?

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