Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Ventures in Nerdery...

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While my obsessions with comic books are quite noted, one story remains the acme of perfection in my mind. Crisis on Infinite Earths is in my mind the ultimate example of perfect comic book story telling. Cast of thousands, new characters, shocking events, earth shattering revelations, and a story that is easy to follow.

Pieced together in a twelve-issue maxi-series during 1985, this series changed the course of DC Comics for the next twenty-five years. But the story began much earlier with a series of appearances by a mysterious character named the Monitor.

For the past two years, I have been collecting all of the cross-over issues related to Crisis on Infinite Earths and numerous ancillary texts that have accompanied the series. There are the "Official Cross-Overs," the "Red Sky Issues," the "Unofficial Tie-Ins," the "Passing Reference" books, the "Pre-Crisis Monitor Appearances," and numerous homage and other books revisiting the events of the Great Crisis. Overall, 199 issues have been compiled in my collection to chronicle this epic. These issues have lovingly been prepared to be bound in a series of eight, custom, hard-bound editions, of the story to accompany all previous versions of the text I have amassed.

To map out what I have created, I decided to create a side blog, an omniblog of sorts, titled The Burnt Selena Project: Confluence of Infinite Earths. The plan is to go through each issue and provide a synopsis and brief index and annotation of events of the characters in the story relevant to the crisis. Some stories have direct correlates to the text, some are included for odd passing reference. Some I include because, they make sense in my circular referential mind of comic book knowledge.

So please visit the new blog over the next few weeks, months and years. Hopefully I will provide some interesting distractions and additional comic book clutter to your daily life.
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