Monday, June 20, 2011

Ride the Bronze Buffalo: Taming Spirit the MSU Bobcat

The wild beast sits in the plaza, much like a gargantuan mockery of a Maurice Sendak monster, waiting to pounce.

And pounce it does.  Striking me with its bronze paw of furry fury. For Spirit, as the Bozemanian people like to call him, does not want to be tamed.

But this Great Yellow Rider of Bronze Statuary, yes, that is how I shall now refer to myself, will not be laughed at. For I shall conquer this hollow metal beast.

And like other great bobcat whisperers, like, ummmm....Bobcat Goldthwait. No really, there aren't any others greater than him. Maybe, the guy who played the chainsaw in the band Jackyl (remember the lumberjack song?), but, that was it. 

Thus tamed, Spirit and I, headed for further adventures with my menagerie of bronze animals. When we meet those Ghost Riders in the Sky the radio keeps on singing about, we are sooooo going to kick their asses.

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