Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have more formally decided that November shall forever be known as a month for idle thinking. Why choose such an arbitrary month as November? Well, think of the following things:

  • The eleventh month, written numerically (11th), is vaguely reminiscent of the word "Idle," which when you take an "I" and an "l" and place them next to each other, creates the number eleven.
  • Jesus had eleven toes.
  • When you write the date 11/11 as in the Eleventh day of November it looks like you are taking a tally of the number of times someone does something incredibly annoying. Truly, this cannot be a coincidence.

So filled with this knowledge, I have modeled my month around idle thinking. Well, more so than I had been doing before.  Who knows what interesting things will ensue.

Ergo, I present assorted fish heads.

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