Monday, November 23, 2009

Philosophy and Idleness

Bertrand Russell, Nobel laureate in Literature...Image via Wikipedia
Minoring in ethics and having studied philosophy many educational lifetimes ago, I find myself pondering some of the greater conundrums of the world. For example:

If Bertrand Russell decided to be a wrestler, would he have chosen the name Bertrand the Muscle? As a wrestler would his finishing move be called The Bertrand Tussle

Many people consider Nietzsche to be a genius; those same people often attribute his genius to his insanity. Nietzsche's insanity was caused by a case of untreated syphilis. Ergo, to attain genius, one must contract syphilis.

Why is the phrase "Kant predicted the existence of Uranus, " always funny despite being a statement of fact?

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