Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why We Should All Fear Birds

If you are a frequenter of the world of old saturday morning cartoons, the SuperFriends were probably part of your weekend morning rituals. They were part of mine. One of my first memories was an odd episode of a later incarnation of the television show, where Darkseid is the primary villain and Superman dies. 

But why the hell did I post a five-minute You-Tube video of the Green Lantern, on my World of Clutter? Because I come to give you a grave warning about alien princesses, magno-beams, birds, and headgear.

Hal Jordan, while everyone thinks he is the greatest of all Lanterns, has a problem that needs to be addressed.  Of course there is the possession by the embodiment of fear, the classic weakness to yellow,  bad hair, and general douche-baggery--but this is a much more ominous ever present peril.


Yes, birds.

Just watch the damned video. It's worth it. I laughed for a few minutes. And I return to it every few minutes to laugh some more.

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