Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Trip Back Home...

Today, is a day of introspection for me. I am back in Bozeman, safe and sound. And I really couldn't have been more eager to return to a town even though I generally mock this place at every instance.

In tribute to my automobile crash, the fact that I am here, and that today is my birthday of all things, I decided to post the following photo set of the trip back home. You will soon notice there is a theme...

Taking inspiration from the amazing signage art on the business right next door to the motel I ended up stranded at for two nights, I decided to pay tribute to the life of my old vehicle. 

This is the hospital that took care of me once I realized I had a concussion. Great people and great nurses at this facility in Browning. 

In Bynum, Montana, we stopped and met the world's largest dinosaur. In fact, we met quite a few dinosaurs.

In Choteau, many more ancient reptilian thunder beasts anticipated my trip homeward.

And yes, the salvaged plate is upside-down in many of these. I blame the mild traumatic brain injury...

Until finally, I reached home base. 

I want to thank Amy for taking these amazing pictures and for being an amazing person for picking me up in the middle of nowhere.

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