Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birth of Meme: Unicorns Mating

So the other day, I was trying figure out the best way to describe one of those moments that you encounter in life that are equal parts magical and awkwardly disgusting. Everyone knows what I am talking about...It often can apply to food. Foie Gras or many other pieces of "unusual" cuts of meat may appear to be awkwardly disgusting but turn out to be the true culinary delights that can be described as beautiful to the tongue. Sometimes places have this stigma of being both magical and disgusting. Imagine the charm of the Olympic villages in Vancouver BC and then think of all of the displaced heroine addicts of East Hastings that were shipped away from the region for beautification projects. And modern medicine is rife with magical and tragic moments.

So I was trying to describe one of those instances to someone, I don't even remember what it was, when the term "Unicorns Mating" came to my head. And it explained it all.

Nothing is more magical than unicorns. But nothing is more base than two unicorns mid-coitus. Of course, the iconography of unicorns mating is already plaguing the internet. I will allow those who want to humor themselves to google it on their own and to encounter all of the horrors that they will find. But the discoveries,  of course, are kind of magical and gross by proxy proving the nature of the "Unicorn Mating Meme."

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