Friday, April 8, 2011

The Art of Letter Typing

In this era of modern communication, it amazes me how little we pay attention to Typewriter Etiquette. We hammer out emails, tap out texts (sometimes "Swype" them), we tweet, we blog, but rarely do we pay attention to the ur-mechanics of our modern communication, the typewriter.

A few examples from this tiny pamphlet explains the wonders that typing can provide, and how it can help reveal the "real you" to your readers. If you click on the image and read the pamphlet's "Dear Reader" introduction, you can learn some vital pieces of information...

With this little introduction taken to heart, I can only imagine how I can improve my blog. And you, Dear readers, you will benefit as well because now you will be able to relate to me. Since I have typed out these words, and because they are powerful, you can relate to them in a unique way. Just like this introduction says, it's kind of like reading The Diary of Anne Frank.


Yep, that's how powerful using a typewriter can be; it will transform your ability to say into something akin to the powerful statements of a teenage girl hiding from Nazi's during one of the most heinous era's of contemporary history. Now that is powerful stuff.

Also, by learning how to use a typewriter, you can learn how to become a cocktease.

It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man, nothing says you had a very nice date with an individual than giving them a typed out letter on blue stationery. Forget about necking, handholding, chocolates, or even flowers. Let your date pay for the meal, movie, and drinks but don't forget to give them a letter to say that you had a pleasant evening with said person. And if by chance you get lucky on your date, everyone loves getting a plainly typed letter:

        Dear Girl I Woke Up Next To,

      Thank you for the one-night stand. I assure you that I had an STD check last month and everything was clean. I hope the very same for you as well. I hope you had a good time and you are not as hung over as I am.

All the Best,


Or you can you use the examples as shown below.

This is why the typewriter is a marvelous tool. Perhaps we all need to learn Typewriter Etiquette. As bloggers become more vitriolic and tweets passive-agressive, maybe some good-old-fashioned manners are needed to make us more civilized. 

Or maybe not. Who knows? 

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