Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ride the Bronze Buffalo: Retro Edition

Riding the Bronze Buffalo is a long standing tradition. These images from my sprite-like youth, when I was not soured by the temptations of modern man and the bitterness that accompanies such sirens, were taken at the Oregon Zoo.

But back in those halcyon moments, we knew of the zoo as the Washington Park Zoological Gardens.

I don't recall seeing the warthog or the donkey at the zoo on my last visit. They had been replaced by the lions which I rode on my last visit. Other pieces of statuary are absent from the zoo, a marble hippo, appropriate for a toddler to straddle was also gone. Gone the way of the tapir. 

Somewhere out there, these sculptures probably still exist, that is unless some meth-addicted penguin got out of its enclosure and hacked it up and tried to sell it off at a scrap yard. But that is unlikely because penguins don't have much on organizational skills, let alone skilled use of hacksaws. There is probably a statue graveyard somewhere in Washington Park...I propose a treasure hunt!

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