Monday, February 8, 2010

Ride the Bronze Buffalo: Ride the Bronze Trout

Westward young trout...

We will swim to fast and swiftly through the rapids and into the hallowed clear waters of the Bitterroot River. 
Swim strongly, young trout...
Swim like a porpoise...ummmm...I mean like a salmon...or like a bigger trout.

We shall dodge bear and anglers. And dine on caddis fly...

When we reach the spawning grounds, we shall rest and die. For that is what the brave trout do...For freedom.

And to think, people spent like twenty dollars a pop to go see some blue alien ride some dragon in Avatar...Hell, I climbed on a bronze statue in Montana and I think I got just about the same experience. Then again, I haven't seen that movie yet, so what the hell am I talking about anyway.

As always, if you have a picture of yourself riding a bronze animal, please send me a message. You will be forever immortalized in the "Ride the Bronze Buffalo" section of the Wonderful World of Clutter riding a bronze statue of an animal.

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