Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cure alls...

Advertisements for old nostrums always amuse me. ANGL-SALVE is a fine example of some strange compound that cures pretty much everything synonymous with having a cold...and sun burns.

La-grippe and cattarah (sic) have both become somewhat forgotten terms from the medical vernacular--bygone terms from the era when hospitals were built on hills so the "good air" could fill the lungs of the victims of consumption. 

As to what this concoction actually held, I have no idea. My guess is that it had a mix of herbs and chemicals and some alcohol. And by some, I mean lots. 

What puzzles me , however, about this particular medication is the name. Is the first part of the name to be pronounced as Angel or shall it be Angel? Either way, it doesn't quite explain the Native American on the display. 

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