Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Keeping up wtih the Jones's

I have the best idea for a new DC Team book. Hear me out...

The first member of the team is a child who was once stranged on a deserted island filled with every book ever written. The child reads everyone and becomes a certified genius. His name: Genius Jones!

The second team member is a older gentleman, a lady's man, a scientist, and a bit of an adventurer. His name: Darwin Jones!

And of course every team needs a rebel, a vigilante, a person who dwells in the darkness. So why not put that hero on the vehicle of all rebels, a mototcycle? Of Course! Let's give this guy a menancing appearance as well, one that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals. Who is this man who is vengance in the night? Batman Jones!

This trio of detectives will solve the unsolved, resolve the unresolved, and remove the blindfold that covers the eyes of Justice so Justice realizes that she is wearing a toga places where gawking teenagers can see her cleavage.

Yep, this comic book trio will change history.

Mr. Greg Rucka will you please write this book.

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