Monday, March 1, 2010

All in a Name...

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Today in my class I learned a lot of neat stuff.

For example, the IUPAC is not the same as Tupac but they are kind of alike in many strange ways. In fact they are quite different. The IUPAC is an acronym for the International Union for the Pure and Applied Chemistry. Tupac was a rapper. The IUPAC supports lots of scientific projects; Tupac rapped about the projects. The IUPAC works toward the creation of scientific reports and creating records; Tupac had his own collection of police reports and a criminal record.

Basically, the list goes on for some time.

So before you pull out your album of "All Eyez on Me," think about where our world would be without Chemistry.

It would probably be in the same place where creationists dwell. Which I think is in Kentucky. Which I can only imagine is a sad place. 
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