Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Day Called X--The Greatest What-If of Portland

Have you ever wondered what would actually happen if we heard air raid sirens warning of an immediate nuclear war? This concept is quite foreign to many. It almost seems absurd to ponder, but cities planned for nuclear holocaust at one point in time.

The following film, A Day Called X, is well worth watching to get a sense of the civil engineering, the political structure, and the paranoia that once fueled our country as we chased Russian ghosts across the sky. Essentially it maps out an evacuation of the city. The featured players were actual councilmen, citizens, and the mayor of the era.

About ten or so years ago, the bunker featured in the film was "re-discovered." Filled with various rations and other provisions that never quite decayed over time, it essentially represented a time capsule of that era.

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