Friday, March 5, 2010

Bludhaven needs a memorial plaque...

So now that Blackest Night is coming to a close, one has to wonder, whatever happened to the Memorial Tower and Eternal Flame?

So when Superman died, and the Cyborg took over for a while, Coast City was destroyed. There was a skirmish there before Hal Jordan lost his shit and turned into Parallax.

Basically this story deals with the giant pit that remained of this city. But it begs the question...

If Coast city was special enough to get a major monument, now since completely forgotten, shouldn't Bludhaven have received something?

Bludhaven was poisoned by a giant falling Chemo in Infinite Crisis. Then it was rendered a inhospitable hole in the ground when Captain Atom came back from the Wildstorm Universe. Hell, the universe basically collapsed into itself in Bludhaven during Final Crisis.

So here we see a giant tower erected in the remnants of Coast City....A shining emblem that this won't happen again. 


Now back to pulling arms off of heroes the way sadistic children pull wings off of flies. 
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