Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Open Letter: Dear Mr. Greg Rucka

Dear Greg Rucka,

I want to thank you for all of your excellent work at DC Comics these last few years. The praise you have been receiving for Detective Comics is quite well deserved and I think it's one of the best reads out there.

I have a proposal to make, actually more of a request. With the recent moves with Red Arrow, his maiming, and the proclaimed changes coming to the Green Arrow related books, I suggest that you take the helm. Here is what I think should happen, since Red Arrow is now in critical condition, missing an arm, and destroyed, I believe that he will be completely re-written as a character. That of course we all know. But how is in question, comic book lore has his past heroine use being a hallmark of his relationship with Black Canary and Green Arrow, I believe that this is the best thing to play up at this point.

A character that has been so critically wounded will inevitably end up on a morphine drip if such actions occurred in real life and he survived. A former junkie exposed to a similar narcotic can trigger a relapse. I believe that Red Arrows physical wounds should lead to the complete character deconstruction that accompanies drug addiction and this would be a good story to approach from a realistic angle.

Green Arrow on the other hand should be moved back to the Pacific Northwest. He has history in Seattle, and you have connections to Portland. Stumptown is awesome and I think that you have the knack to pull the grim history of heroine history of Portland into a story line that draws in the history of all the Green Arrow/Red Arrow/Arsenal/Black Canary Books.

The super-hero antics, the fanciful villains, the marriage drama, death-rebirth-death-rebirth, stories of Green Arrow are old. Return him to his liberal vigilantism in the streets on a wet, depressing setting in a climate that squirms with moodiness. The take that you took for The Question will work perfectly.

I greatly appreciate your work and highly anticipate your future projects.



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