Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jackalope Variations and Other Taxidermy Specimen

It takes little to amuse me. Readers of The Wonderful World of Clutter are probably well aware of this simple truth. So when I ventured to Montana a week ago, I had two goals in mind; take pictures of taxidermy and hang out with friends.

The number of good mounts found in pawn shops, antique stores, book stores, bars, restaurants, makes the hunt for taxidermy an easy one. And of course there are numerous private trophy collections throughout town that have world class  animals on display.

This jackalope holding a shot glass is larger than most specimen I have seen in many of my ventures. It's unique for many reasons, the size and horn structure being the primary prominent feature. While many jackalope have antlers that resemble those of deer or possibly antelope, this particular specimen has horns resembling more goat like in structure. I estimate that before this animal was mounted, in the wild it would have weighed at least 50 to 75 pounds. Truly this is a mighty find compared to the tiny specimen that most encounter in the world of Jackalope.

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