Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blackest Night in Jelly Stone Forest

The Funky PhantomImage via Wikipedia
With the popularity of Blackest Night and formation of color-coded rainbow corps around the word of the internets, I decided to get into the act as well. While many are choosing the realm of comics as the basis for alternate Lanterns, I decided to go the route of old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. 

Here is my list of New Guardians if the Blackest Night occurred in cartoon land. I guess if you spent enough time watching these wonderful world of Hanna-Barbera it would all make sense. If this list doesn't. Well, shame on you. 

Red = Ranger Smith
Orange =Yogi Bear
Yellow = Dick Dastardly
Green = Huckleberry Hound.
Blue = Augie Doggie
Indigo = Magilla Gorilla
Violet = Snagglepuss
Black = The Funky Phantom

If you would like to see other fine examples of fantasy color guards, rainbow coalitions, new guardians, or whatever you want to call them in effect (or just see what nerds spend most of their time thinking about and why they more than likely don't have girlfriends)...check out the following link to Robot 6.

***And yes, I realize that my parenthetical is the equivalent of a kettle calling calling the pot...

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