Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Models out of Context

If you just quickly looked at the figure bellow what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Even if we change the angle, the object becomes less familiar.

From the flesh tone colors, you have probably already guessed that this is an anatomical model of something. But what kind of structure can be so foreign?

It looks similar to the xenomorphs, the H.R. Gieger inspired Alien creations of the movie franchise. All it would need are razor sharp teeth, and some claws. 

Or perhaps there is a resemblance to genitals.  Bulbs, stalks, curves, tubes--rounded smooth shapes that seem to be suggestive of something sexy the way a Tiffany Lamp is always somewhat suggestive of something sexy.

Of course this rebus is not all that challenging. The structure is the brain stem. And while we all somewhat know what a brain looks like, when taken apart into individual elements, it becomes frighteningly unfamiliar. 
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