Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Oregon!!!

To hell with chocolates, overly sentimental Hallmark cards, lovers tiffs, and the like. Instead of celebrating a co-opted religious holiday in honor of saint, decapitated for writing love letters to God and forgoing nookie in dedication to faith, I want to celebrate the birthday of the state I call home.

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So in 1859, this little piece of land in western expanse of the country was finally declared a state. Yep, and it still kicks ass over any other states. For in Oregon, we have Portland--Where it has been perpetually 1992 since 1989. Where we have the only two-sided flag. Where we were home to the first bioterrorism attack in the US and the only mainland casualties during WWII. Home to Bob Packwood, Tonya Harding, and a recent Grammy Winner. Oregon is truly an amazing place of  contrivances and contradiction. I wouldn't want to claim any other place.

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