Sunday, February 13, 2011

Uncanny Valley...Meet the Uncanny Canyon

When I lived in Southern Oregon, I was quite familiar with the Oregon Vortex in Gold Hill. This place, like many other vortices dotting the US consists of a shack on a hill and a bunch of perception blurring "anomalies" where objects seem to roll up hill.

When I came across this picture of the Uncanny Canyon, I was intrigued. What is he likelihood of two gravitational sinkholes existing in Oregon within a seventy-five mile radius of each other? And why didn't I know about this Uncanny Canyon?

Well, much like Pixieland, Thunderbeast Park, and a handful of other tourist attractions this one went the way of the proverbial passenger pigeon, destroyed by man. The Vortex List has a scant bit of history on this location. Apparently, when the Lost Creek Reservoir was built, this attraction was submerged.

Go figure.
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