Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I Like Certain Dictators..

What happens when you mix the styles of Snoop Dogg...

And the styles, including numerous wigs, of Phil Spector?

While you might end up with the best rap producer of all time, you also end up with the glorious fashions of the great Libyan leader, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi. 

All politics aside, you have to admit that the Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution is probably one of the best dressed world leaders.  If you put a few sacks of hundred dollar bills, gold bars, and bikini clad women into the photograph above, you would have the makings of a great rap album cover. 

While I don't necessarily want to meet the leader himself, I have to say I have a dude crush on his style. I would love to meet his tailor. I also think it would be a great deal of fun to be there when he meets Kim Jong Il get together and have a naked dictator party. On occasion I hear they invite the pope to discuss how they keep their whites white. Of course, Lil' Kim Il tends to get a little pissy at these gatherings because Muammar has no need for platform shoes. 

Big Pimpin'... Yep, that's what everyone says when Muammar strolls down the streets of Tripoli. And rightfully so. Right now, you know what he is thinking? Muammar is thinking, I am one damn fine pimp and, so throw your hands in the air.

Like I said...Big Pimpin'...

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