Monday, December 6, 2010

Waiting For Superman...Wait Not that One...

For today's post, I want to share some interesting pamphlets I found during a late season garage sale.

So for this cold day in December, let's remember what the holiday season is really about...Christian Propoganda.

While children in need of better education standards are waiting for their own Superman, early Christian propagandists/pamphlateers put out desperate cries for their own Superman. I think that they were waiting for Jesus, but who knows. Kind of like waiting for Godot or Guffman, Jesus never seems to be as timely as people seem to want.

But who really needs waiting when you could have "ACTUAL EXPERIENCES." These experiences for young Christian pamphlateers can include the experiences such as highway evangelism, hitch-hiking, and church. Sometimes you can't make these things up, they are just so wonderfully absurdist in their own right. And of course they show their age; no god-fearing contemporary evangelical would venture off of a hitch-hiking trek across town let alone via highway. 

Of course if this is too much for you, target the teen-ager. So Teen-Agers, well, you get the point. Kind of like a sharp stick in a un-lidded eye. Of course, contrary to the cover art, there will be no hand-holding with the opposite sex.

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