Monday, November 15, 2010

Chicago Signs

Presented in no particular order, and with no particular sense of rhyme or reason, are some signs found on various establishments I found fascinating while I was strolling around the neighborhoods of Chicago.

Given that Portland is such a young city in contrast to the rest of the nation, we lack a lot of iconic neon. Interstate Avenue, once the old highway through Portland, had its fair share of motel signs. But in terms of simple business signs, we seem to lack the abundance that can be found in other cities.

I know nothing of the story of this fish.

Here, even the simple font of this Police sign stands out as emblematic. The building itself is older than most establishments in my home town, but the gives off a rough-edge impression of cops wearing crisp blue uniforms walking beats, not the merely sitting in patrol cars drinking coffee. 

And in an age when the "mom and pop" pharmacy is replaced by chain stores and megamarts, it is refreshing to see a strange, yet reassuring message that deliveries, no matter how embarrassing will be made.

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