Sunday, October 3, 2010

Batman Variations

In my twitterfeed, I recently placed a challenge to my five regular readers to come up with new Batman concepts. Many different artists have given their own spin to the Batman concept, he has been in Victorian England fighting Jack the Ripper, a Vampire, even Eliot Ness was Batman in one book. So I figure, we need some new Batman creations. Thus I came up with the idea of Draw This Bat #drawthisBat

Piñata Batman is a concept I came up with in face of the growing violence in Mexico. This vigilante ventures out into the streets in slipping across the American border into Mexico to fight the ongoing drug war. In his colorful papier mache costume, Piñata Batman tries to win the hearts of children by giving them candy, however evil forces keep beating him up with a wooden stick. As a result, the growing violence south of the border still increases.

Donner Party Batman, drawn by my friend Khris Soden, is the story of a man wanting to head west in the 1800s. Bruce Wayne tries to find a new life and wealth during the California Gold Rush. However, he gets caught by a freak bilzzard with his traveling companions in a snowy pass in the Sierras.  Unwilling to die as his other companions had due to exposure to the extreme cold, he destroys his covered wagon, fashions a suit that is fitting of a creature of the night, and well, becomes the Batman of Donner Summit. The story doesn't go well, Bruce ends up having to eat his traveling companion after donning the suit of sorrows. 

Walter Matthau Batman likes to yell at kids. This one is also drawn by Khris Soden you should see the other stuff he does because it is better than my shitting drawings. 

But there are more Batmen to be drawn. So far he is my list of Batman that need to be made:

  • I-Have-an-Uncomfortable-Itch-I-Can't-Scratch Batman
  • Hotdog on a Stick Batman
  • Easter Bunny Batman
  • Kim Jong Batman
  • Ziggy Stardust Batman
  • Dental Hygenist Batman
  • Life Coach Batman
  • Mexican Free-tailed Batman
  • Lumberjack Batman
So if you like these Batman Variations, let me know...Or if you have even better Batman ideas send over a message.

And much thanks to Khris for the drawings. 

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