Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Ferry's Already Left: Let's Go to Nazareth!

This week on the Wonderful World of Clutter I have decided to start a new semi-irregular series of posts called The Ferry Already Left.  

A bit of back-story first; a number of years ago an old girlfriend of mine asked me why a number of streets and roads had the name "Blank-Ferry" associated with it it them in Portland. For example, there is Boones Ferry Road, Scholls Ferry, and Wheatland Ferry roads that she had heard about, but she had never seen any large boats carrying people or cars. So I explained to her that before all the bridges were built around the state that there were numerous ferries throughout the state and that a few small cable ferries ran across the Willamette River in some of the smaller towns…And that there were a ton of gay people in the city. Her natural response was, "Huh?!"

So yes, The Ferry's Already Left. 

With that said. 

Done and Done. 

Can't you see that little blonde girl holding up a lighter and drinking vodka and causing other forms of chaos? I mean she should have at least had the modest to cross her legs.

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