Thursday, February 9, 2012

The White Buffalo...

Today, while wasting time wasting time looking at, I was reminded of this amazing piece of taxidermy found at that the Montana Historical Society in Helena.

So a quick few things about White Buffalo, I don't recall all of the history of this particular animal, nor do I recall all of the folklore behind white buffalo in Native American culture, but pop culture has their birth to be a sign of either omen or change. X-files taught me that. 

However, one must note that this isn't an "albino buffalo." Or at least not from the taxidermy mount displayed. Instead it is most likely a melanistic representation of the animal. The difference between albinism and melansim has to do with genetics mutations and phenotype expressions. Basically, that every once in a while you may see a squirrel with a darker color fur or a black bear that really looks brown or an Japanese man such as myself that looks like he could be from Mexico, Iran, India, The Rez, or any place other than Japan. Simply put, sometimes animals will appear white but not be true albinos. The truth is in the pink of their eyes…True albinism will lead to the classic pink-hued irises we see in lab rats, bunnies, and those really strange looking gold (well not really gold) fish. 

And yes, some geneticist or other biologist will probably come along and correct all of the above writings…But it doesn't really matter. Because, you know what? The real meat of this post is about one thing.


So yeah…

Is this bronze skull from one of these mega beasts? I am convinced that things are actually bigger in Montana than they are in North Dakota, so logic therefore leads to one conclusion.


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