Monday, September 5, 2011

Montana Loves Mutants

A lot of people saw X-Men: First Class this summer. It had a ton of mutants in it. Like the one that could read minds, and the one that could do stuff with metal, the sexy lady that could change shapes, and a blue furry thing.

But in Montana, Mutants are real. Like really real. They don't need CGI or Hollywood budgets under the Big Sky. Eugenics--You Got It!

Take, for example, this two-headed calf. Four eyes, better to see you with.

Even the children in Montana fully embraced the love of mutants. The children of Montana played with them as toys as evidenced by this two-faced doll, showing that Homo Superior and Homo Sapiens could potentially co-exist in harmony.

Now whether these particular mutants had extra special powers beyond being able to see in multiple directions and eat two meals at the same time is beyond me. But, I'll be damned if this doesn't prove that this place is kind of cool. Or something.
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