Friday, September 23, 2011

Dream a Little Dream...

Today's lesson is one of exhaustion and why falling asleep after reading comic book blogs and eating mediocre cajun food is a bad idea:

Someone decided to drain the 55,000 gallon swimming pool at the children's hospital/college dormitory, and Batman is on the case to investigate. Well, Batman and Me, both in broad daylight. And because of the flood and supernatural forces the 300 year old douglas fir has spontaneously started dying causing it to rot which will disturb the foundation of the children's hospital. Good thing Superman showed up and found the evil CEO who's suitcase surrounded him in a giant robot/bomb that started drilling into the side of the hospital as well planning to destroy that too. It was unfortunate, because thousands were gathered for their fundraiser event celebrating both Christmas and the raising of a million dollars, so many lives were at stake. And for some reason Superman and Batman couldn't diffuse the bomb in time. And the giant inflatable teddy bear that was brought in for the children, the one that was ten-stories tall, was mistakenly filled with hydrogen and propane gas instead of inert helium.

Of course the bomb exploded/CEO…and the douglas fir died…and the children's hospital was completely flooded. But the individual at the center of it all, a young white guy with no name and no history, was visited by a blue ghostly figure who told the young man not to drown himself today. And Batman and I were on the case to figure out who the blue ghost was.

And what we have is the worst pitch for the New 52's Brave and Bold straight from an exhausted nursing student deprived of comic books.

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