Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ride the Bronze Buffalo: The Trash Eating Goat

This is not Bozeman...
This is Spokane.
Though I may be pointing toward Bozeman, if I knew my the orientation of this sculpture and had any sense of direction. But let's just say, I am pointing to...the infinite.

Spokane is a magical land of brick where the statues eat garbage.

And after five hours of driving, there is nothing better than to get out of a car, stretch your legs, and to crawl upon a trash eating statue of a goat, and point to the infinite...

Yes people, this is what Spokane has to offer. 

Brick and statues that eat trash. Kind of poetic if you ask me. 

Something Bozeman related will be up soon. Once I figure out what that might be...
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