Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Final Farewell Song Batch: Hot Rods, The Future, and Humor

So this is it people...
No more posts of me plaguing you with my angelic voice. But before I put up the final three songs, let me tell you what songs were unfortunately culled from the list.

"Tick Tock" by Ke$ha was unfortunately removed from the list because, well, I didn't learn the song in time. I tried to let every song be a true representation of my future life, wishes, hopes, and fears. And since I don't "brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack" and have the popo shut me down, I figured I would be putting up a facade.

Also culled from the album was "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" by Tracy Adkins. The reasons for including this song on the list are just as numerous as excluding it. Besides being probably one of the worst songs written at this point in the century, it is just really, well stupid.

"Superstar" would have made it on the list if it hadn't become so damned popular because of American Idol. Curse you American Pop Cultural Happenings that I refuse to take part in. I shake my angry fist at you.

There were a number of rap/hip-hop songs I considered including as well. The list included "Whoomp There It Is"; "Baby Got Back"; "Fight the Power"; and "Planet Rock."

"Purple Rain" almost made the list and so did "Living on a Prayer," but they didn't, so cry tears of what may have been at another point in time.

Today I leave you with three songs.

Rob Zombie's "Dragula," is a song that makes no sense whatsoever. I can't explain what it is about. I think it's about a drag race...a drag race through HELL...or maybe Idaho. Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" is about children, not about HELL...and the BeeGees, "I Started a Joke," is about tears, traumatic brain injury, and strange looking men singing in falsetto voices. Well, at least that is how I interpret these songs. Your interpretations may be different than mine. And that is your choice.

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