Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Patrick Sings Farewell: Three-In-One Spectacular

For today's presentation, I bring you songs that try to make a rhyme scheme using the name Serengeti, persistent midgets, and departures via air travel.

To be honest, I really don't know what the song "Africa" is really about. Yet when I listen to this song, knowing that Toto wrote this amazing track and also did the soundtrack to Dune, makes me want to climb a distant pile of sand in an arid desert and wait for a giant sandworm... The song is that EPIC!

"Little Willy" by Sweet is a song about the most persistent and popular midget around town. Apparently, the man is incredibly stubborn as well because he never really wants to leave...or go...or do much of anything as far as I can. To make it worse, Willy is apparently indecisive. And nothing in this world is more annoying that a stubborn hipster midget unable to make up his mind. As a complete aside, try and find "Little Willy" on the Sweet's Greatest Hits album, it isn't there. One on wonders, Why?

And for today's final video, we have "Leaving on a Jet Plane," by Peter, Paul and Mary, a folk song that I believe has been banned from karaoke bars near airports for numerous reasons. I have heard stories of tour guides in Bangkok being subjected to drunken German tourists croon this tune numerous times in one evening as they ended their summer holiday....This can be considered one of the true gifts that American folk music brings to the world, drunken annoyance via foreign travelers.

And with that, I present three videos.

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