Saturday, April 25, 2009

The First Post...March of the Prairie Dog

Hello and welcome to the first posting of the first posting of Wonderful World of Clutter.

This is meant to be a very simple addition to the already crowded world of the internet.

Actually, I think that we should refer to the odd back alleys and the nooks and crannies that everyone tends to search out for the odd oft looked over reference point. Remember that forgotten song lyric? Remember that obscure movie where Andy Kaufman played a Robot? Remember when  Darkhorse Comics was doing comic adaptations of hit movies like "Big" with Tom Hanks?

Anyway...I kind of do...for some unfortunate reason.

And I might as well clog up the internet with this stuff.

But I think I am going to start with the first of a series of pictures I am going to call.

March of the Prairie Dog

This photograph was taken at an outdoor superstore called Cabela's which is apparently some superstore of Walmart proportions. With a world class taxidermy display.

Unfortunately they don't always maintain their stuffed trophies and one poor prairie pup has fallen.

I for some reason found this extremely funny.

Here is the picture.

And so the narrative continues...

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