Friday, May 2, 2014

Spring is a Wondrous Awakening and Some Hot…Taxidermic…Turtle…Sex

The Wonderful World of Clutter has been asleep for a terribly long time, dear readers. And as the winter's harsh claw slowly retracts ice talons of hatred from Billings cuddly sagebrush and refineries, we realize that the world is slightly warm and that something is in the air.

Springtime...Yes, the baby bunnies are coming out of their burrows. Alcoholic hockey fans are getting excited for the finals. Brown grass is turning green only to turn brown again in four more weeks. People in town are complaining that Kenny Roger's canceled his only show date in this town while Missoula get's a member of the Beatles. 

But more importantly, the taxidermied turtles are having taxidermic turtle sex.

Of course, this isn't happening here. Despite the popularity of trophy animals, I don't think anything so shocking as this example animal fornication could be shown in public. I actually found this inin perhaps one of the funnier exhibits in the Hall of Reptiles at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. There you can find other reptiles mating, coiled and coupled in cumbersome, compromising positions. 

And for those who are actually curious about taxidermy lingo, taxidermy is actually the name of the art and craft of skinning the animal, the final creation is called…well…it's called a mount.

So there…

Here is a mount of two turtles mounting. 

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