Thursday, April 18, 2013

Return of the Wonderful World of Clutter! Announcements, Questions, and Seafood Lovers in YOU!

Dear Readers,

For some unforeseen circumstances, the Wonderful World of Clutter had been on an extremely long hiatus for the past six months. But that is hopefully ending now. Why now? Well, why not now.

Let's start a bulleted list:

  • The Wonderful World of Clutter now has a new home in Billings, Montana. And before you gasp, I am here to say that BILLINGS ROCKS!!! Yes, Rimrocks in fact. But that is a different story. I will present a sub-bulletted list of why Billings is Awesome:
    • It has a candy store that sells Moxie, which even in Portland is hard to find.
    • People are friendlier than in Bozeman.
    • There is an Indian Restaurant with a lunch buffet.
    • The next major point deserves its own category so I will give a bullet to it all of its own.
  • Billings has a RED LOBSTER! That's right, ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMPS BABY. You see, I have this plan…When I meet that nice left-leaning rancher's daughter out here in Montana, I'm gonna take her to Red Lobster and buy her a Mai Tai and tell her she can have all the shrimps she wants. Because that's how you treat the ladies nice in Billings…with endless shrimps. I've eaten at this Red Lobster and the cheesy biscuits are damned awesome and when you've spent ten hours driving through the state, which is what you end up doing in Montana on occasion, you want to treat yourself to some fine fresh-frozen seafood. Bozeman doesn't have a Red Lobster…And it breaks my heart that Missoula doesn't have one. But because Billings does, BILLINGS ROCKS!
  • Nightly Karaoke and the Crystal…BILLINGS ROCKS.
  • Someplace in Billings is payed me to move here…BILLINGS Definitely ROCKS.
So there is my short list of why Billings Montana is awesome. I still love Missoula, and it will be the home away from home in this state. And my heart will always yearn to be back in PDX. But right now, I am discovering the Billings scene. 

So onto blog news. I doubt many people read this thing any more, but I am planning a new video portion of the Wonderful World of Clutter entitled, "Adequate Answers for Everyday Questions." This relies on you the reader to contribute. If you have a common question that no one can answer, I want to help. Feel free to post your questions to this blog, and I will try to come up with some type of adequate response. By no means to I guarantee accuracy, I just guarantee adequacy. 

I will try to respond within a few days of questions being received. 

The Wonderful World of Clutter appreciates your patronage…

Thank you for continuing to read.

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