Saturday, April 7, 2012

Don't Forget the Feast of the Chocolate Bunny...

In my exploration of Montana, I think one of my favorite finds was coming across the Museum/Gallery of Mr. Bill Ohrmann, "retired rancher, artist, and…spokesman of the earth."

In his 70s, he creates amazing outsider art that would put to shame any artist featured in Juxtapose magazine. I don't believe there is a sense of irony or anything else in his work. It just is…

So let's celebrate The Feast of the Chocolate Bunny, "Easter" to those more devout types, with this painting of eggs being chased into the ocean by a rampaging hell tractor of brimstone. 

And to learn more about Bill Ohrmann and his work visit his website. The man is truly awesome, humble and a great artists. And if you get a chance to visit his museum, there is a giant metal Wooly Mammoth. How cool is that!

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