Monday, November 7, 2011

Music of the Spheres: Typhoon…The Honest Truth

Sometimes songs become anthems…or just momentary themes for the prevailing mood of the moment. Since this summer "The Honest Truth" by Typhoon has been one of those songs.

I am not certain how to describe the moment that "The Honest Truth" has come to embody. It may be one of simple catharsis. It may be a simple revelatory moment--one of clarity when you see what is there is front of you. Plain, simple, free of subtext, or added pretense…

As you will see through this video, you are confronted with a song of punctuated rhythms, clear imagery, and a sing-along chorus that spits in your face as the refrain of "You're gonna piss and moan, you let the devil in your home…" hits with twelve voices.

And one might ask, is the baseball bat Chekhov's gun?

Even though I have only met the band once, I realize that I know three or four people roaming around the street scene in the. It makes me miss home.

The lyrics may mean different things to different people, but for now, it just seems like the right song for the right time.

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