Sunday, July 3, 2011

Plucking the Oregon Ducks

Rarely do I post my views on current events on this blog, but today, I just feel like an one of those curmudgeons who should.

I am not a fan of professional sports. And I could care less about the state of collegiate sports. In fact, I find college sports to be more corrupt than the professional organizations and I think that our nations obsession with such things is stupid and an waste of money and time. That said, I find humor in the recent heat that Oregon Duck's coach Chip Kelly finds himself in for a potential breach of NCAA rules

So what? So the team has a potentially corrupt coach. Big deal when it seems to be a home to thugs arrested on a regular basis. 

Let's run this down over the past two years:

February 20th, 2010 Oregon football: Kiko Alonso cited for DUII

March 5th 2010: DA: They thought, 'This guy needs a knuckle sandwich

June 9th, 2010: Springfield police cite Masoli for pot, driving infractions

April 18th, 2011: Backup Duck QB pleads not guilty.

June 13th, 2011: Oregon’s Cliff Harris cited for nearly doubling 65-mph speed limit.

While one can make the claim of bad eggs on the team, and some of these players were rightfully suspended, and a few kicked off the team, there seems to be a culture of stupidity and thuggery on this team. I really don't think any college team is exempt. 

So what can be done? If I rant and bitch without proposing a solution, then I am just a whiner. So here is what I think should happen. Aside from removing all athletics from the academic arena, given that they really don't apply to the scholastic achievements of other students. (How many of these college athletes actually attain degrees? And how many resources are wasted on them?...Argument for another day.) But here is what I think should happen.

For each arrest of the college team member, for any reason, the team should drop in the ranking and thus be excluded from any "Insert-Stupid-Name-Here Bowl Game." I also think that coaches should be fined for the conduct of their players. The coaches and athletic directors earn ridiculous amounts of money, why not make them pay, or force them to contribute to something worthwhile, like domestic abuse shelters.  And finally, just kick players off teams if they get arrested. Forget suspension, one-strike you're out. If you were stupid enough to get arrested for something, you probably shouldn't have been doing it in the first place.

And that is my nerd vs. jock rant of the day. 


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