Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bearly Making It Out Alive...

Let's abandon all of the potential "bear" puns, and just say that last weekend at the Helena Historical Society and Museum was a dangerous adventure...I could go on and on with these puns, but I would more than likely lose all of my online readers, friends, and be ostracized from the community in which I dwell.

Apparently, people take their bear attacks very seriously in this region. Think of it like the flesh-eating bacteria news broadcasts that pop up in evening broadcasts every few years and spark immediate panic in the otherwise healthy community.

And with the recent mauling in Yellowstone, this photo set seemed well, wildly inappropriate but timely.

In researching this post, I discovered that there is a Wiki page dedicated to chronicling fatal bear attacks in North America. You can find the link here.

Remember, nothing says respect for nature like gallows humor. 
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