Saturday, June 4, 2011

Video Transmission: Patrick Explains Bozeman...Sort of.

There has been a sore absence of posts from the Wonderful World of Clutter as of late and that is because Nursing School has been kicking my ass. However, in the wee hours of the night, I recorded a video transmission from my fake-wood paneled, uni-bomber, style shack with the sole friend I accompanying me during this time of educational struggle, Mr. Jackalope.

Yes, Mr. Jackalope has become my main source of conversation these days. We talk about many things. Sometimes we converse about the works of Proust, Fouccault, and Dr. Seuss. Other times we discuss the untimely demise of Macho Man Randy Savage, god rest his raspy voiced soul, and the fact he is probably in a tag-team match with the Junk Yard Dog in heaven right now. But most of all we talk about the weather. Why talk about the weather? Because Montana is flooding! Seriously!

Montana has had more snow than it has ever had in history, since like before the time mammoths and dinosaurs were playing grab ass. And now it's raining in the mountains and all the creeks, rivers, rivulets, and streams are blown out. The highways are the new spawning grounds for trout. And the fishermen are like, "Aws craps...I can't go out in this shit." Oh and the bears are pissed off too. Go Fig.

So if you have been wondering what I do when I am not spending my time studying or hunting mushrooms, I spend my time talking to a Jackalope. Nuff said.

Enjoy the video...

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